Schedulicity Review

Schedulicity is an online appointment scheduling app that let’s your clients book appointments whenever and wherever. It’s a simple app to use, so I’ll just quickly go through the features.

Set-up is very standard. You first outline the different services you offer, and then list the “providers” who can offer the service (provider being a broad term for doctor, hair stylist, tutor, etc). Services can be assigned a set amount of time and a rate, and there are a few more specialized options.

Schedulicity coordinates up to 20 service providers (or users) within a company. Every provider can have independent working hours and hourly rate. The app also lets companies internally collaborate with all users through a calendar. For the most part I’m satisfied with the calendar, and users can manually enter in appointments or accept them through the customer portal (which I’ll get to soon). But I have two main criticisms with the calendar.

The interface is nice, and the app is priced reasonably, so it’s not a bad app. It’s not my personal favorite, because it doesn’t support calendar import/export nor does it give businesses personal subdomain sites. But my biggest criticism is that a customer has to make an account to set an appointment. Check it out for its nice interface, but also consider alternatives like Setster and ScheduleThing.

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